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It's no secret that higher education comes with an expensive price tag. That's why millions of American families rely on the financial aid package colleges offer them. Before settling for what a school awards your child along with that college admission letter, appeal to see if there are any other funds.

I Make Too Much Money

If you make $1,000,000 annually in income you should file a FAFSA®

I have Too Nice A Home

Let our team find a legal solution to get around many obstacles

They Didn't Approve Me

If you already applied and were not approved, let us find a better solution for you


Our College Pro Consultants is 25 years old and one of the largest nationwide college planning companies. 1994-2019 25-Year Anniversary

We assist your student for all undergraduate years with board exam test preparation, choosing a major, choosing a college or university, financial aid negotiations, FAFSA / CSS Profile filing, and maximizing your financial aid eligibility to get the most grants and scholarships.

Today 4 years of college costs $60,000 plus at a public university and costs upwards of $250,000 at a private university. Statistics show that in 15 years the annual cost of a public university will be $45,000, and a private university will top $80,000. Today 60% of college students will take 5-6 years to graduate. There are 35 million students in the U.S. College costs are rising at 3 times the rate of inflation. 92% of students will need financial aid. 100% of parents like you will need financial planning strategies.





Fiction: My income is too high, and I won’t qualify for financial aid. 
Fact: Many middle and upper-middle-income families do qualify each year.

Fiction: My child did not qualify to win a National Merit Scholarship.
Fact: Need-based aid is based upon income, assets, number of children, etc., and not on academic achievement. We specialize in helping students get both.

Fiction: If my child doesn’t qualify for need-based aid, there is no hope.
Fact: There are millions of dollars of merit aid for those with academic, artistic & athletic talent. 123 College conducts the most advanced search in the industry from a database of over 2 million different grants and scholarships for every subscriber.

Fiction: Having a nice home will prevent me from getting aid.
Fact: Certain schools may assess your home value, other schools will not. 123 College shows you exactly which schools assess the home value. Our advisors can provide financial solutions.

 Has a Cost of Attendance of $75,219...Net Cost is $6,144.